Immerse Yourself in the Rich History and Traditions of the Samurai

Culture of the Samurai


Samurai of Culture is a tour that offers guests the opportunity to connect with the authentic traditions of the samurai class passed down in the Kagoshima region for over 400 years. Through our many years of experience in Japanese traditional arts and deep connection in the Kagoshima region, we offer unprecedented access to master craftsmen, teachers, and performers, allowing our guests to feel the true spirit of the samurai.

For those of us today living in a busy modern society, studying the culture of the samurai can give us insights into our posture, attention, focus, and concentration, as well as fostering the determination needed to carry out our goals to the fullest. We can also appreciate their high sense of art, culture, and the natural surroundings that inspired them.



Kagoshima is a prefecture located in the southern part of the island of Kyushu. It is known for its rich natural beauty, with many volcanoes, hot springs, and beautiful beaches. Kagoshima City is situated on the coast and offers stunning views of the nearby active volcano, Sakurajima.

The lords of the Shimazu clan watched over the land and people of Kagoshima for over 700 years from the Kamakura period (1185-1333) until the end of the Edo period (1603-1868). Presently in its 32nd generation, the Shimazu family is one of Japan’s oldest and most famous warrior clans. 

Successive generations of the Shimadzu clan fostered the samurai culture of the Satsuma domain. Successful in both war and peace, the strong martial spirit of the Satsuma samurai and their development of a rich culture of art and craftsmanship created a unique regional culture that survives even today.

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Exclusive Access

We provide exclusive access to some of Japan's most fascinating traditions. Through our own long years of practice of traditional arts we have gained the trust and acceptance of master teachers and craftspeople in one of Japan's most conservative regions.

Authentic Japanese Culture

Authentic Japanese culture encompasses a wide range of traditions, customs, and practices that have been passed down through generations. We ensure that our visitors experience only the most authentic traditions through interactions with the master teachers and craftspeople that carry them on today.

Expert Guides

Our knowledgeable and experienced guides have a deep understanding of Japanese history, customs, and traditions, and can provide valuable insight and context as you explore Kagoshima.

Local Knowledge

Our local knowledge of the city provides detailed and in-depth information on its attractions and landmarks, as well as insights into its unique local customs and traditions. We know the best places to eat and shop, as well as advice on how to navigate the city and make the most of your visit.

Regional Japan

Support local communities and avoid the crowds at major tourist destinations by visiting regional Japan. Your choice to explore a deeper side of Japan will result in a more rewarding and meaningful journey as well as helping to combat over tourism.

Cultural Sustainability

Many traditions passed down for centuries in Japan are on the brink of extinction. Cultural sustainability is extremely important for us and we ensure that the cultural partners we work with benefit from the tours directly, allowing their traditions to survive for generations into the future.

Experience the True Samurai Mind

Learn the discipline and wisdom of the samurai

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Located on the southern tip of Kyushu, Kagoshima boasts a rich history and stunning natural beauty that make it a popular destination for both domestic and international travellers. 

From the misty peaks of the mysterious Kirishima mountains in the north, over the smouldering active volcano Sakurajima towering above Kagoshima City, through the ancient forests of Yakushima, and to the sandy shores and azure seas of the tropical islands in the south, Kagoshima possesses a depth and variety of natural beauty not found anywhere else in Japan. 

This living landscape of active volcanoes, natural hot springs, oceans and islands was the stage on which a rich tapestry of culture developed over hundreds of years, under the patronage of the mighty Shimazu clan.