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Private Museum: Symbolism, Meaning and the Swords of the Samurai

Private Sword Museum

Soul of the Samurai

The sword represented the embodiment of the samurai’s soul, his status in society, and his beliefs and philosophy. The scabbard in which it rested and the fittings encasing the razor sharp blade were decorated with motifs from nature, plants and animals with deep and special meanings. Masterfully crafted artworks, the sword of the samurai sits on the knife edge between art and war. At once a deadly weapon ready to be drawn at any time, and at the same time a constant reminder of the owner’s moral obligation to society and his lord.

Satsuma swords have several unique properties that distinguish them from the swords carried by the samurai of other provinces. One feature of note are two small holes often found in the sword guard. These holes were used to tie the sword firmly into its sheath and prevent it from ever being drawn in anger.

Satsuma Sword Fittings

Private Collection

Explore the sword collection of Yamanouchi Fumiharu in his private museum, not normally open to the public. Bridge the gap between art and war by looking at the decorated weapons used by the samurai class and learn the deep meaning and symbolism of these ancient weapons.

This is a rare opportunity to handle historic swords with an expert collector and learn more about the deeper meaning behind this exquisite yet deadly weapons.